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June 27, 2024

Schweiger Vineyards Celebrates 40th Vintage

Exemplifying the Heritage of Family Wineries in Napa

NAPA, CA – Fred Schweiger, a young man working with Cal Fire, was driving a route over Spring Mountain when he saw the for-sale sign in 1961. Intrigued by the beauty and remote serenity and moved by impulse, he bought the land with a handshake deal that very week. Throughout the 70’s he meticulously cleared the land by hand and sold the lumber to finance the cultivation of a modest vineyard while he moved his young family to Kenwood and served on the volunteer fire department. Eventually, after many hours of hard work, in 1981 the full parcel was planted, and in 1984 Fred had his first harvest of Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon to sell.

Having seen first-hand what Fred could do, many of his neighbors asked him to help them clear and plant vineyards. Many of these wineries still exist on Spring Mountain today. Concurrently, his son Andy, 16 and maturing along with the vines, began working as a cellar rat when he wasn’t in school, and eventually went to a formal education at UC Davis to learn enology and viticulture.

The Schweigers had a steady business selling fruit for a decade but in 1994 they found themselves with some excess, so they tried their hand at making wine. Andy, who had been gaining experience with wineries such as Phelps, Trefethen, Chateau St. Jean, Cain and ZD made 500 cases of their first vintage in the vineyard shop. Soon the family business shifted gears and in 1999 they relinquished all fruit contracts to safeguard their harvest for their own wine.

Of course, things have changed dramatically in Napa Valley since then. In this time of corporate mergers and rock-star consulting winemakers, it is very rare to find a traditional family winery and almost unheard of to find one with a single winemaker. Equally remarkable is the enduring loyalty of their team members. Besides Andy, there are vineyard workers who have been with the family for 42 years and counting. “We are truly a family outfit”, says Fred.

Ranked as one of the esteemed multi-generation wineries, Schweiger is truly a family winery at its heart, with generations harmoniously collaborating for over three decades. Perched 2,000 feet above the Napa Valley, the winery offers breathtaking views and is a brief 15-minute drive from downtown St. Helena. More information about the winery can be found at or by calling (707) 963-4882.

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